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General Information

The main purpose of the Neuroscience and Cognitive Research Application and Research Center is to provide the necessary conditions and environment for neuroscience and cognitive-based research. This upper purpose; It includes encouraging interdisciplinary studies with the participation of researchers in related fields, taking a role in producing outputs that will contribute to academic knowledge, supporting the development of the university through collaborations and projects, providing services in line with the expectations of the society and the business world, and contributing to the training of scientists who are experts in related fields.


What is Offered at the Centre?

  • The physical infrastructure and research environment required for research,
  • Devices needed for neuroscience and cognitive research,
  • Consultancy service on the use of infrastructure and devices,
  • Necessary support in line with the needs of the research design and process,
  • Opportunities for the development of researchers at undergraduate and postgraduate level to gain expertise.


Who Can Benefit from the Center?

  • Academics
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Public institutions
  • Civil society organizations
  • Businesses
  • Other people and institutions in the research ecosystem