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About the Eye Tracking Seminars

"Eye Tracking Seminars" will be organize, hosted by our Neuroscience and Cognitive Research Application and Research Center and in cooperation with Ankara University Linguistics Laboratory (diLab). Seminars will be given by Prof. Dr. Özgür Aydın who is from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography Department of Linguistics. Seminars, which will be held free of charge and online, are open to all researchers interested in the subject. The program and registration link for the seminar series are presented below. The meeting link for the seminars will be sent via e-mail to the addresses that you provided during registration.


Eye, Vision Action and Eye Tracking Measurement: 15.12.2022- 20.00

Reading Experiments: 22.12.2022 – 20.00

Eye-Tracking and Pupil Size Measurement with Auditory Stimuli: 29.12.2022- 20.00


Please click for registration.